Medications can cause serious dry mouth issues.

This is an important read from the NY Times:

April 24, 2017
Q. What is it about so many medications that causes dryness, especially in the mouth?
A. Dry mouth, also called xerostomia, is a freque…

New year, new benefits

Most dental plans have a calendar year that coincides with the 1st of the year. That means that if you have a dental benefit, you probably have the maximum benefit available to you. Please check your plan and then call our Ba…

Our Bayonne Office Now Using BioActive fillings

Bioactive materials that are strong, esthetic and long-lasting offer an alternative to traditional composites, that are strong and esthetic but are passive and without bioactive potential materials, and to glass ionomers, th…

“Must Read” from the New York Times

It’s bad enough that expertise is under attack these days from populist political movements that dismiss specialist opinion as just another establishment ruse. But lately expertise is being criticized from another directio…

Bayonne dentist named to Academy of General Dentistry Board of Trustees

Scott Dubowsky, DMD, FAGD, was named to the Board of Trustees of the Academy of General Dentistry, a national healthcare organization dedicated to advocacy for patient care and continuing education for dentists. He will be se…

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